New festival to replace Rock on the Range in 2019; Carolina Rebellion is no more

U.S. music festival producer Danny Wimmer Presents has announced the dates for its spring music festival lineup, including two new destination music festivals.

Replacing the long-running Rock on the Range, Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival will debut at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, May 17, Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, 2019 ,and will feature a premium food and beverage selection, art installations, plus expanded onsite experiences to accompany a diverse music lineup that will be announced in the coming months.

“I am so proud of what we accomplished with Rock on the Range, and we couldn’t have done it without our partnership with AEG,” Danny Wimmer said. “When we started Rock on the Range, there was no other festival in America quite like it, but recently it became clear that we had different visions of where to take the festival next. The city of Columbus and our devoted rock fans deserve a one-of-a-kind, world-class festival, and that is exactly what Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival will bring to Maphre Stadium.

“Similarly, DWP will welcome a new festival in North Carolina this spring at a new location in the city of Rockingham that will allow us to go all night in a more European-style setting. We will be announcing that festival’s name and exact location soon. We are also looking forward to bringing back Chicago Open Air better than ever and continuing to build on the record-setting pace of Welcome to Rockville.”

DWP’s spring schedule is as follows:

May 3-5: Welcome to Rockville at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, Florida

May 10-12: new destination music festival in North Carolina (details to be announced soon)

May 17-19: Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio

In addition, Chicago Open Air will return, presenting a new event called A Day in the Park at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois, during the weekend of May 17 to 19.

Los Angeles-based Danny Wimmer Presents is one of the largest independent producers of destination rock music festivals in the America and produces events including Louder Than Life, Monster Energy Aftershock, Welcome to Rockville and Bourbon & Beyond. It also is co-creator of Rock on the Range, which celebrated its 12th year in 2018 with 140,000 in attendance.

“This is an exciting time at DWP and in the music festival business,” Wimmer said. “Over the next two years, we will be making a series of major steps that are designed to push the U.S. rock festival market forward. This is the first of those announcements.”

“I believe that the festival market is at a major inflection point,” he said. “The proliferation of music festivals has been good for competition and caused promoters to aggressively pursue expanded entertainment and enhanced experiences. At festivals like Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life, for example, we have been able, and will continue, to rise to the challenge and push the boundaries in food programs, wine and spirits offerings, art installations and all of the other things that fans have come to expect. This growth is essential for rock festivals to hold their own against our cousins in other genres. We are about to embark on the next generation of rock festivals this spring.”

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3 thoughts on “New festival to replace Rock on the Range in 2019; Carolina Rebellion is no more

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me Please tell me why you would change the location and dates for Carolina Rebellion. That’s is an amazing location and has been a traditional trip I take with me daughter every year. We book our hotels a year in advance and now you are telling me I’m out the money for our hotel and have to travel even further to have out mother daughter time. Excuse my language but this if fucking bullshit.


  2. Yep, that’s smart! Move the festival to an area with a total of 6 hotels (4 seedy motels). Wow, you have managed to kill a really good family event since there will be NOWHERE TO STAY YOU IDIOTS!!!!!


  3. i think you suck for moving the dates and location for Carolina Rebellion. i have been going there for the pass 5 yrs. only hope you can bring the Hard Rock and Metal that C.R. is known for. we don’t need some techno euro trash house and bass music going on all night. so hope you can do it justice with this new name and location. more Slipknot and lamb of God not some house and bass shit please


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