Cavalera Conspiracy: Watch a full set of Max & Iggor Cavalera’s “Return Beneath Arise Tour”

Hot off “Return To Roots,” the Cavalera brothers just don’t stop. These past couple of years have been an ongoing anniversary celebration of all things Cavalera. After playing Russia (and scoring straight A’s according to manager, Gloria Cavalera), the brothers have continued their “Return Beneath Arise” tour in South and Central American, playing the classic Sepultura albums “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise.” See tour dates below. But now, watch the full set from their October 5th show in Minsk, Belarus. And after the next leg, perhaps we’ll get the chance to see this in North America soon.

Max & Iggor Cavalera • Beneath The Remains & Arise Tour
Live in Minsk, Belarus 05.Oct.2018

Cavalera – Live in Minsk, Republic of Belarus 05.Oct.2018
Re:public club / Wake Up Agency
01. Beneath the Remains 0:15
02. Inner Self 5:00
03. Stronger Than Hate 10:12
04. Mass Hypnosis (not full) 13:02
05. Slaves of Pain 15:57
06. Primitive Future (not full) 19:54
07. Arise 21:25
08. Dead Embryonic Cells 24:55
09. Desperate Cry 29:45
10. Altered State 35:00
11. Infected Voice 42:44
12. Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover) 46:22
13. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) 51:00
14. Troops of Doom 54:08
15. Refuse/Resist 57:14
16. Roots Bloody Roots 1:01:06
17. Beneath the Remains / Arise 1:05:29



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