ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: Cinderella’s ‘Long Cold Winter’ turns 30

Just as I was looking for an album to write about, sometimes things just present themselves. On May 21, 1988, Cinderella released the now classic "Long Cold Winter," marking this day the 30th anniversary of the release. Feel old yet? The album moved away from the full-on glam metal sound of its smash debut, "Night... Continue Reading →

PICKS OF THE WEEK: Liv Sin covers Danzig’s “Devil’s Plaything”

Liv Sin is the new band led by former Sister Sin vocalist Liv "Sin" Jagrell. The band recently released its folksy cover version of the Danzig song "Devil's Plaything," which can be viewed inside! We met Liv in person and interviewed her on what turned out to be one of the final runs for Sister... Continue Reading →

Kerrang! magazine presents ‘The United States of Hardcore’: the best hardcore band of each state

A couple of months back, many of you read (and argued over…and argued over…) Kerrang!'s United States of Metal map, which crowned the best heavy metal band from every U.S. state. Now, the long-running U.K. publication has upped the ante, with a hardcore sequel.  Above is Kerrang!'s definitive, objective, indisputable list of the single best... Continue Reading →

PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ghost – ‘Dance Macabre’

My pick of the week for the 3rd week of May 2018 is an easy one—Ghost's catchy brand new track, "Dance Macabre." And if you don't know Ghost, then you've either never visited our site, or have been living under a rock for the past several years or more.  Watch the video for the song... Continue Reading →

PICKS OF THE WEEK: Gruesome – ‘A Waste of Life’

My pick of the week for the 2nd week of May, 2018 is "A Waste of Life" from Gruesome, a band that emulates Death's classic sound and evolution of albums with it's own. Less than four short years into their career, the death metal defenders of the old -- featuring current and former members of... Continue Reading →

PICKS OF THE WEEK: Once Human – ‘Dark Matter’

Check out my pick of the week for the first week of May 2018, Once Human's "Dark Matter." Once Human is an American melodic death metal band from Los Angeles, California founded in 2014 by music producer and former Machine Head/Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader. On September 4, 2015, the band released its debut album "The Life... Continue Reading →

PICKS OF THE WEEK: Nervosa – ‘Never Forget, Never Repeat’

On June 1st, the Brazilian all-female thrash unit Nervosa will deliver its second blistering slab of metal on Napalm Records, "Downfall of Mankind." Check out my choice cut below from the album, "Never Forget, Never Repeat." For me, this reminds me of old "Beneath the Remains" Sepultura (which makes sense), Kreator and Arch... Continue Reading →

ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: Sepultura ‘Beneath the Remains’ is released April 7, 1989

April 7, 1989, Sepultura released its third album, and first for Roadrunner Records - "Beneath the Remains." This was the album that broke the Brazilian metal band into the metal underground, and coincidentally, it was my first taste of Sepultura. In fact, this was the first real death metal album I ever owned. Before Sepultura,... Continue Reading →

Jeff’s Best Albums of 2017

2017 was a pivotal year for Live Metal. If anyone has happened to notice, our website is brand new, our hand forced as a major collapse ensued. But going into our lucky 13th year, we'll continue to cover the bands we like and think our readers will raise their fist to, as well. That wasn't... Continue Reading →

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