REVIEW: Terror – ‘Total Retaliation’

Review by Jeff Maki ----- Terror has been flying the flag of hardcore since its inception in 2002. Just a five-minute sit-down with vocalist Scott Vogel will have you well educated in the genre's early history and schooled in its most influential bands. The band has never quite "made it” nor do I think that... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Enuff Z’Nuff – ‘Diamond Boy’

Review by Jeff Maki ----- In case anyone has yet to notice, Italy's Frontiers Records has made a specialty—and perhaps its reason for existence—of resurrecting just about every '80s hair metal band. The label recently released live or studio albums from the likes of Dokken, L.A. Guns, Kip Winger, TNT and Mr. Big. Now, the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Halestorm – ‘Vicious’

Review by Greg Maki ----- Ladies and gentlemen, Halestorm is back. Technically, the band fronted by Lzzy Hale never went away, releasing its third album, “Into the Wild Life,” in 2015, touring heavily ever since and building its fan base all the while. But that record took a sharp detour from the ballsy hard rock... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Bad Wolves – ‘Disobey’

Review by Greg Maki ----- If you’ve been anywhere near rock radio so far in 2018, Bad Wolves’ reimagining of the 1994 Cranberries hit “Zombie” has been inescapable—and for good reason. It’s everything a cover should be: true to the spirit of the original yet infused with the current band’s identity and still relevant nearly... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Like a Storm – ‘Catacombs’

Review by Greg Maki ----- Behind the singles “Love the Way You Hate Me” and “Wish You Hell,” Like a Storm—originally from Auckland, New Zealand—hit it big with its sophomore effort, 2015’s “Awaken the Fire.” Success often has a way of making bands chase it even harder after tasting it, frequently at the cost of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Diamante – ‘Coming in Hot’

Review by Greg Maki ----- “Coming in Hot,” the debut album from 21-year-old Mexican-Italian American, Boston-raised, Los Angeles-based, blue-haired Diamante, bristles with youthful energy and rock ‘n’ roll attitude, signalling the arrival of a compelling new voice on the national scene. With 14 songs, the album might seem a bit daunting at first, but with... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Tremonti – ‘A Dying Machine’

Review by Greg Maki ----- What do you do when your last recording session yielded two full albums (“Cauterize,” 2015; “Dust,” 2016) of metal masterworks? If you’re Tremonti—the band led by current Alter Bridge/former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, also featuring guitarist Eric Friedman and drummer Garrett Whitlock—you come up with something even more ambitious: a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ghost – ‘Prequelle’

Review by Greg Maki ------ Ghost’s third album, “Meliora” (2015), is a masterpiece, one of my favorites of the current decade. Its fourth, “Prequelle,” is the record that will take the occult-themed, formerly niche band into the stratosphere of superstardom. Outed last year in a lawsuit brought against him by former bandmates as the man... Continue Reading →

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