REVIEW: Visigoth – “Conqueror’s Oath”

Review by Jeff Maki —— It rarely happens anymore in my musical ventures, but "Conqueror's Oath" is an album I had to check out solely due to the cover. Look at it—just look at it! The "Warrior Queen" is straight out of the "Dungeons & Dragons" Players Handbook. I remember as a teenager paging through... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – “Defy”

Review by Jeff Maki ----- In December 2016, a shockwave went through the rock and metal world when Of Mice & Men founding member and vocalist Austin Carlile announced he was leaving the band due to a long-term health condition. After four albums of building an ever-growing fanbase, tours and festival appearances, and a major... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Machine Head – ‘Catharsis’

Has Machine Head made "The Burning Red" Part II? I know I'm in the minority, but would that necessarily be a bad thing? After listening to "Catharsis" twice all the way through, the attempt was certainly made to reach a wider audience, yet I'm still not entirely sure what I heard.

Jeff’s Best Albums of 2017

2017 was a pivotal year for Live Metal. If anyone has happened to notice, our website is brand new, our hand forced as a major collapse ensued. But going into our lucky 13th year, we'll continue to cover the bands we like and think our readers will raise their fist to, as well. That wasn't... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Cavalera Conspiracy – ‘Psychosis’

Review by Jeff Maki ----- Max and Iggor Cavalera, brothers and founders of the Brazilian metal tribe Sepultura, return with another batch of tunes from their newest incarnation, Cavalera Conspiracy. “Psychosis” is album number four from the conspirators and is the missing link of Sepultura albums between “Arise” and “Chaos A.D.” You’ve heard many bands... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Sinsaenum – ‘Ashes EP’

Review by Jeff Maki ===== Sinsaenum is the extreme metal project of former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and Dragonforce guitarist Frédéric Leclercq. Rounding out this “supergroup” are vocalist Sean Z. (Dååth, ex-Chimaira), vocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem), guitarist Stephane Buriez (Loud last) and bassist Seth Heimoth. Boy, does Jordison do it all or what? His resume, of course, is highlighted... Continue Reading →

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