REVIEW: Black Wizard – ‘Livin’ Oblivion’

Review by Greg Maki ----- Black Wizard’s “Livin’ Oblivion’ is a diverse metal record, with sounds ranging from Thin Lizzy-style twin guitar leads, early Metallica thrash-metal riffing, and a little doom and gloom along the way. Yet somehow it all comes together in a cohesive whole, the Vancouver quartet melding those myriad influences into a... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Judas Priest – ‘Firepower’

Review by Greg Maki ----- Forty-nine years and 18 studio albums in, we all know what to expect from Judas Priest. Through nearly five decades, the band has never wavered, not even when the Metal God himself walked away in the 1990s. Priest’s commitment to metal is unparalleled—if anything, it’s only grown stronger over time.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Green Druid – ‘Ashen Blood’

Review by Greg Maki ----- Having never ingested any mind-altering substances, I wonder if I have the proper perspective to review “Ashen Blood,” the debut full-length release from Denver, Colorado-based stoner/doom metal outfit Green Druid. However, I have spent a couple hours of my life listening to this album, and I think that, plus my... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Pop Evil – ‘Pop Evil’

Review by Greg Maki ----- On its previous release, 2015’s “Up,” Pop Evil took its biggest turn yet toward the “pop” part of its name, leaning hard in the direction of alternative rock. The self-titled follow-up, the band’s fifth album, indicates that might have been a one-off detour, showing Pop Evil at its most aggressive... Continue Reading →

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